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Turku FOOD Tours is the same as Erja and Johanna. We both have been authorized Turku tour guides since 2005 and we just love good food, drink and lovely restaurants in Turku.

Erja Lehtonen

I got the idea for FOOD Tours in Turku when I took part in two different food tours on my holiday in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a wonderful way to get to know a new city in a small group with a local guide and at the same time enjoy local dishes and delicacies. It’s a good idea to book a FOOD tour at the beginning of your trip because that way you will get many new ideas what to do and where to go and eat during the rest of your trip. You might even want to visit some of the restaurants again. There are so many good restaurants in Turku – both old and new – and I’m sure that the economic boost will also offer a great boundary for these kind of tours in the lovely city of Turku where history and future walk hand in hand along the river bank.

Johanna Aalto

I have been a tour guide in Turku since 2005 but I am also a language teacher.
I already liked baking as a child but after high school graduation I really got into cooking as well when I took a year off and attended a home economics course for 4 months in a local school here in Turku. The cooking teacher really encouraged us to use different spices and taste the food while cooking instead of always following readymade recipes.
As a teacher I eat lunch with my students every weekday for nine and a half months a year. I really appreciate the free warm meals offered in Finnish schools. Every time the students complain about the food served at school I remind them what a great thing it is that we don’t need to bring lunch or lunch money with us to school every day. And unfortunately for many kids it might be the only warm meal of the day.
However, in my free time and when travelling I truly enjoy eating out in restaurants, and good food and drink, quality ingredients as well as clean local food from nearby farms are really close to my heart. One highlight on my family vacations definitely is when we try to decide what to eat and where. We often study restaurant recommendations for example on Trip Advisor. That way we have found excellent places to eat and really delicious food experiences.
Eating out offers relaxing change for everyday cooking at home.
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